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Who we are ?

Send-2 provides courier services, which are aimed at business clients and individuals. We are a young team that has a flexible and professional approach to the clients. We work only with proven and trusted partners, and our employees are experienced and competent persons. In this way, the Client can count on prepared individually to his needs courier - logistics solutions.
Products so far not available for clients (due to lack of possibility to send the products abroad by the seller), and much cheaper, made in Germany, USA and China via Send-2 are now for the asking. Developed ..

Why do we work?

Dissatisfaction with shipping services available on the market, the need to sign a contract for the provision of courier services, the declaration of quantity of shipments and the high prices, as well as delays in deliveries are only part of the problems faced by the clients on the Polish dispatch market. We decided to meet the current situation, and as a response to the problems related to the available courier offer, we created Send-2.

Our services are addressed to both individuals and businesses. Send-2 benefiting from discounts in courier companies guarantees its cli..


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